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We are a starting online retail store for motorcycle parts, gear and accessories with a very large variety of after market parts, consumables, gear etc. from top brand names. Owned and operated by professional MotoAmerica racer Kris Turner, we are not your every day, multi-million dollar online store. Every purchase goes back into the industry in sponsoring the new MotoUniverse race team! With riders on different disciplines of the industry, this could be a really good way to support the motorcycling industry as a whole. We are going to have some exciting announcements coming up very soon on more race team news, so stay tuned!! We hope to provide a very personable experience with each purchase, fixing a lot of the issues found on those pesky, big-name, multi million dollar sites. We want to offer reasonably-priced, quicker shipping. Sure, those other sites offer next day and two day shipping, that does a lot when it takes 3-4 days to process the order to begin with, huh? We will eventually be offering products for off-road, motocross, street, road racing, flat track, adventure riders, ATVs, side x sides, snow mobiles, bicycles and more! We are excited to finally launch this site! Especially without the help of an IT team. With that said, there are a few bugs and we are working on them every day to make this site more consumer friendly. We are also working on offering options that no other website (that we know of at least) is offering. Included in our debugging phase and future plans are:

1- A newbie section, an article explaining to new riders what product, gear and protection they may need, with a detailed explanation of what each product does, why it is needed, and links to different level of options for each product.

2- A live API shipping options. Luckily for you, we are still learning how to build websites and researching plugins. What does this mean to you? Well, we were so excited to launch this site that we had to make a decision, do we keep holding off until we fix the shipping section, or do we just offer free shipping until the end of January of 2019 as sort of a “Grand Opening”? Well, we did what we thought the customers would appreciate more :-}

3- Easier check out with more options, including possibly a financing option for those big projects, bigger items like a full FMF or Yoshimura exhaust system or the above mentioned new rider who has a plethora of gear and parts to buy before they turn the throttle.

4- More Products!! We are going to be offering over 10,000 products. Remember how we mentioned above that we are still learning all this IT stuff? It is a process that we are working on every day, so keep checking back or send us an email if you can’t find what you are looking for!

5- A better search function. I know I am going to get some back lash on the lack of a sophisticated filtering and organization system, again, we are working on it.

So take a look around. Soon, we will have MotoUniverse shirts, hats, beanies, hoodies, stickers and maybe more for sale! We also have some big marketing plans to keep everyone entertained between rides. Stay tuned, its gonna be fun!